Monday, May 11, 2009

Heating and Air Conditioning System Changeouts

Equipment Change Outs can be one of the best ways to lower energy costs. Like any machine your Air Conditioner or Heat Pump will eventually wear out. As the machine ages and its mechanical parts wear it becomes gradually more inefficient. The average Air Conditioner or Heat Pump can loose up to 2% efficiency per year which will add up over time. After a 10 year period what was once a high efficiency 10 SEER Air Conditioner or Heat Pump will more than likely have been reduced to the efficiency of a 8 or 6 Seer taking a huge bite out of your wallet due to increased energy costs.

The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is most easily comparable to the miles per gallon on an automobile. The higher the SEER the lower the cooling and heating costs due to the lowered amount of electricity that is being consumed by the system. Your one time great 10 SEER system that was installed new over 10 to 15 years ago could now be operating below a 8 SEER level drastically increasing your energy bills.

By replacing your old equipment with new 13 SEER equipment (the current Industry Standard) you could reduce your cooling costs by up to 35% or higher. 14 SEER equipment can reduce costs up to 40% and 15 SEER equipment can reduce your costs up to 45% nearly cutting you energy bill in half. These percentages will vary depending on the way you use your system.

One thing that must be understood is how SEER is determined. It is calculated in a laboratory with a matched Evaporator Coil, meaning that if your old Evaporator Coils are not replaced, no one could possibly tell you what SEER your unit will be because it has never been tested with the old coil. In fact it is highly recommended that when the Condenser or Heat Pump is replaced, that the Coils should be replaced at the same time. This is recommended because the older coils are more restrictive and could possibly cause higher operating pressures making the Compressor work harder, using more electricity, and shortening the Compressor's life.

By replacing your current system with High Efficiency Heating/Cooling equipment and our experience in duct sealing to control the dust in your home, we feel that the benefit will be a total controlled environment for you and your family, along with reduced Heating/Cooling costs. So please call 828-488-6977 today for your free in-home estimate.

Also when changing out your old equipment remember how important Maintenance is for your new equipment to ensure that your SEER ratings stay as high as possible for as long as possible. We can help in that regard with our new Preventive Maintenance Contracts, available at any time.

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