Monday, May 04, 2009

Filter? What Filter?

You would not believe the amount of times we have heard that question from a customer. Countless service calls are made to us at H.E.L.P. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration INC. for all kinds of reasons. One of the common service calls usually results in a very simple and very affordable fix. We would send out a technician only to find that the reason behind the machine not working was a dirty HVAC Air Filter, which costs about $1.50 at the local hardware store and is very simple for the customer to change.

The more intriguing issue always seems to be that most of these customers did not even know that they needed to change their HVAC Air filter. Some never even knew or understood that they had a filter to change at all. So here are a few reasons why filters are important and some tips for how to remember to change yours.

Air filters have an important role to play. They prevent dust in your home from being pulled into the HVAC Air Return and then being redistributed through the Supply Vents in your rooms. This helps to ensure that your system will achieve a distinctive indoor air quality. They also do several other tasks such as preventing the accumulation of dust or any other tiny particles thus helping heating or air conditioning systems to work efficiently.

HVAC Air Filters and the capturing of dust particles reduce the chances of clogging, which could otherwise damage the equipment and affect the performance of your HVAC system. To overcome problems of clogging, air filters need to be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis. When the filters are wet, change them immediately as they attract microbial growth. If you find that the air filter is even slightly damaged, it is advisable to replace it.

Some easy ways to remember to change your filter are as follows.
  1. Always make sure you have extra filters for your system. If you have them on hand you are more likely to change them.
  2. When you buy your calendar for the year, go ahead and mark through it and put a note on the 1st day of each month that says to change your filter.
  3. Another way is to change your filter the same day you get your power or gas bills. If you keep the filter clean that bill won’t be quite so high.
HVAC filters have become more efficient and affordable. Importantly, they are easy to maintain. Regular cleaning and replacement of air filters will ensure that you have clean and pure air in the room. The best way to clean or maintain your air conditioner or HVAC Air Filter, if you feel you are not capable of doing it yourself, is to call a technician who will do it for you in a professional way. Some companies even offer Preventative Maintenance Contracts at a low yearly cost to help make your life easier and simpler by allowing you the piece of mind that your system is properly maintained.

The moral of the story is to change your HVAC Air Filter at least once a month. The little things like changing your filter can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the longevity of your HVAC system, and all of its equipment, and components.

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