The H.E.L.P. Philosophy

For over 30 years H.E.L.P. Air Conditioning has been dedicated to giving customers what they want. Comfort, satisfaction, energy efficiency and the ability to Enjoy Your Life.
Some contractors will tell you that to be more efficient you have to change your equipment, however this is not always the case. Just because a system is not performing well does not always mean it is the fault of the equipment. Systems in question are always heavily evaluated, and the needs for the system to be brought up to today's standards, if possible, are weighed for the customers benefit before it comes to the crossroads of replacing the equipment.
We offer alternative means for Heating, Cooling, and Air Quality Solutions with ways to offset energy costs through combinations of modern and ancient techniques that are found to work time and again.

We believe in energy efficiency and saving energy and money. It is crucial in today's energy stricken environment to start with your home as the key place to save energy.
Quality installed, efficient and long lasting systems are the specialty of our company. We still have systems running in the area that are over 25 years old. We design and install top quality systems, and will do it right the first time.
The quality of air in peoples homes is constantly leading to different health problems from allergies to repeated periods of illness. We can give you the air quality system to keep the air in your home more comfortable and more safe for you and your family than ever before.
We live by the many different solutions we install for all forms of Heating, Cooling, and Air Quality. We install the same equipment in our own homes as we will for you and use the same methods. Rest assured that you will be given a quality system, because we treat you like family, and your home like our own.
We believe, most importantly, that your children, our children, and the future generations of this world and this nation will reap the long term benefits of the actions that you take today to make your home more efficient for the future.