Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Beating the Heat

So what can you do to get your Air Conditioning System ready for the summer?

Here is a list of several things that can help you be prepared to Beat the Heat.

1. Change Your Filters
- Just like any other time of the year it is important to keep your filters fresh and new to keep your system free of dust, hair, and grime.

2. Make sure your vents are open and uncovered.
- You may not be getting air because your vents have been closed during the spring, also having furniture or other things over your vents can impeed the amount of air you receive.

3. Keep the area around your outdoor unit trimmed and cared for.
- Weeds and plants left within a foot or so of your condensing unit can reak havoc on it if not properrly tended. Weeds and plants know no bounds and can infiltrate and wrap around vital system parts quickly in the wet and hot months of late spring and summer.

4. If you have questions dont be affraid to call a professional.
- You can reach us at 828-488-6977, and we are always willing to answer your questions. We are also here to provide you with any service or maintenance that might be needed for your system over time.

So take a look at the list, and see if your doing those small things that help to keep your system running well from month to month and year to year, and remember that H.E.L.P. A/C and Refrigeration INC is always here to help.