Friday, May 01, 2009


It is important for people to realize that even in this poor of an economy there are ways of going green with your HVAC system, and that the Government can help.

The cost effectiveness of equipmet below 13 SEER is incredibly low. Most modern homes are being built with a minumum 13 SEER. However, getting the industry minimum 13 SEER may be cheap but is it truly cost effective or worth while expecially if the Government is allocating money to those that truly do greenovate their current or new home.

You can reduce your ENERGY BILL BY UP TO 45% or MORE with new high efficient equipment. Our Lines of Ruud Ultra and Design Star offer up to 18 SEER heat pumps and split systems and there is a list of all eligible tax credit Ruud Units here.

NuTone also offers high efficieny equipment with their line of IQ Drive Eco-Logic systems that offer an industry leading 24.5 SEER Rating. These are the highest efficiency HVAC systems on the Market today. Check out their tax credit information here.

Also Energy Star has an entire list of the tax credit details for you to browse at your pleasure here.

If you would like to talk to us about energy and financial change please contact H.E.L.P. A/C at 828-488-6977 or email us at

Thanks everyone and have a great first day of May.

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